Latest Post: "Individuals" - Maasai Mara Wildlife Photography Exhibition in London
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Telling captivating stories with... attention-grabbing, eye-catching, honest visuals.

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Matthew is a London-based photographer and filmmaker specialising in wildlife and travel. His work has received recognition in Wildlife Photographer of the Year and Travel Photographer of the Year, and his films such as the documentary “Start Small. Start Now. Hong Kong’s Plastic Story.” have been viewed millions of times after being displayed in Hong Kong’s Times Square and on Cathay Pacific’s in flight entertainment system.

Matthew's photography and filmmaking work focuses on telling captivating stories with attention-grabbing, eye-catching, honest visuals. Alongside a strong narrative, he loves to use dramatic light in order to create a unique, striking and inimitable end result.

Matthew recently held his debut solo wildlife photography exhibition in London. The collection, titled 'Individuals', focuses on telling the personal stories of the animals he has spent time following in the Maasai Mara. By highlighting their unique, personal stories and showing animals to be emotional individuals rather than just an anonymous statistic in a wider population, Matthew hopes to promote a desire to protect and care for this precious wildlife. You can read more about the exhibition here.

As well as selling photography prints and exhibiting, Matthew’s work regularly appears in international publications such as National Geographic Traveler Magazine, Conde Nast and Lonely Planet. His collection of travel, wildlife, landscape and documentary photography comprises images from 50 countries and covers a diverse range of subjects; from lions hunting in Kenya and portraits of remote tribes in Myanmar, to otherworldly landscapes of the Atacama Desert and volcano climbing adventures in Ecuador.

“Nothing gives me more satisfaction than capturing unique, inimitable moments and beautiful light. I aim to capture intimate photographs and films that tell a story, and reveal an aspect of my subject’s character. Photographs have the power to make a difference, and this is something I strive to do with my work. Being able to support conservation initiatives through wildlife photography is a privilege. It is also a necessity if our earth’s wild places are to be enjoyed by future generations in the same way. That is why I am so excited to be supporting the Mara Predator Conservation Programme and their vital work with 10% of sales. I am driven by creating images that stop people in their tracks, and will go to any length to get those once in a lifetime shots!”

When Matthew isn’t photographing, he loves teaching others to do so and to date has taught over 500 people on his photography workshops and holidays. He also has a collection of talks, which he presents to photography societies, schools and at travel shows.

"I find so much joy and satisfaction in sharing with others the skills I have learned over the last 20 years. Witnessing that 'Ahah!' moment when the penny drops, and seeing the excitement people get as they are capturing the best images of their life is incredibly rewarding."


Matthew takes a story-first approach to filmmaking. He focuses on creating films that draw the viewer in using striking and dynamic shots, beautiful light and subtle sound design.


Matthew works extensively with the travel, leisure and tourism industry, producing commercial imagery and videography for travel companies, accommodation and tourist boards. Previous clients include the likes of Visit Wales, Nikon, Talisker Whisky and Stena Line.

Whether art-directed in advance, or given creative freedom while on the shoot, Matthew loves being set a challenge and will go to any length to capture unique and eye-catching images that tell the story you want to share.

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